Nina Simone

Ne me quitte pas
is not the same as if you go away

Moving slowly
I take care of my needs
Nausea building
head spins
my rocks piled on the window sill
they will move with me
brings tears to my eyes
not ready to release
but that is not for me
to decide

July Tree
I missed you completely
along with August, September, October
and years before

Yes Nina
it is a new dawn and a new day
a new life for me
and I’m feeling good
fish, river, blossoms
dragonfly, butterflies, sleep
Yes Nina
the old world is a new world
freedom is mine
this IS mine

Yes Nina
it is a new life for me
and I’m feeling good

and scared
and excited
and sad
and empty and full
and trusting
and calm
and grounded
and occasionally manic
and it’s all good

So I replay your song
Yes Dragonfly you know
Yes Butterfly you do know
Yes Nina I know what you mean

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